Text von Team nouranour und Julia Ebner, Fotos von Melanie Hoessel

Clothes Make the Man. Diversity Shapes Society. Clothes make the man. Diversity shapes society.
We make clothes and live in diversity.

We are an intercultural fashion initiative that has its own sewing and learning workshops. We aim to establish an intercultural fashion label and thus exemplify the dream of a pluralist, equal and sustainable society.

nouranour aims to empower refugee women and vulnerable women from minority backgrounds. At nouranour, we are deter­mined to help women by providing an inclusive and comprehensive on-the-job technical training that ensures their economic independence. Together we design and produce highly specialized inclusive wear for women regardless of their culture or religion.

“The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals are our shared vision of humanity and a social contract between the world‘s leaders and the people, … They are a to-do list for people and planet, and a blueprint for success.”
Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

Our initiative focusses mainly on women with a history of flight and migration. With our sewing and educational workshop we want to pave their way to social and economic independence. It is highly important to us that our practices are not rooted in the exploitation of natural resources or human beings. Our fashion initiative is sustainable and functions as an ambassador of our mission through its intercultural and social design.

At nouranour we dream of a world in which all people, regardless of origin and gender, can make an active and equal contribution to our society.

We have raised 16,000 euros in seed capital via the crowdfunding platform startnext. This amount exceeds our first funding target by a third. Thank you for helping us secure the rent costs for the coming year and paving the way for our project to become a success.

Since our new space will be in the city center of Witten, our initiative will become more visible and accessible to those we aim to support.


Lilija Galarza Orcada, nouranour